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Beading Moccasins


Terri Meyette

I breathe into me
the smell of deer hide.
I send a prayer
to the hunter and
deer spirit.
In solitude I sit
bead the beauty
of many grandmothers
gone past.
I feel the soft skin
brings back memories
of elk hides
wrapped around
my body in winter.
Respect comes
when I look
upon the beauty complete
In stillness
around an around
gifted hands go
needle sticks and
blood drops silently
into deer skin
making us one again.
Love shines radiant
when I give them away
My heart smiles.
The voice of wisdom
gives to me lessons
of the old ways
not spoken today.
Sitting cross legged
on my woven blanket
I burn herbs purifying
the space.
In silence the making
of moccasins begins.


When I started beadworking, I read this poem for the first time. But at that time I couldn't take the meaning. Today, after 30 months of hard work creating my Traditional Dance Outfit and a few more years studying several tribes and their designs, I understand completely.

Although I don't have the "memories of the old times", but I have the memories of those things that happened during my time working on the outfit.
Sometimes I look at a part of the beadwork and remember exactly what happened when I did that part.

The outfit became a part of me.
The Native Americans have a saying: "when you create something with your own hands, it gets a part of your spirit, it becomes alive".

Beadwork is a wonderful hobby. It is relaxing, if you take the time. To do a sloppy job won't bring the result you want to have. But the best is, after you have learned the essential steps, there are no limitations.

I hope I made you curious and wish you good luck with your projects.

Here is another phrase, a friend found on the internet.
I don't know the source, otherwise it would be stated here:

A person who works with their hands is a laborer.
A person who works with their hands and their brain is a craftsman.
A person who works with their brain and their heart is an artist.

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