12. Reference


Here are a few books and magazines I worked with and gathered a lot of information!

POW WOW - Images along the Red Road

written by Ben Marra
published by Harry N. Abrahams, Inc.
ISBN 0-8109-2680-6

Native American Beadwork

written by George J. Barth
published by R.Schneider
ISBN 0-936984-12-0

The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork written by Monte Smith
published by Eagle's View Publishing Comp.
ISBN 0-943604-02-8
Indianische Perlenarbeiten written by Peter Haug
published by Verlag f. Amerikanistik
ISBN 3-924696-27-6
Hau, Kóla! - The Plains Indian Collection of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology written by Barbara A. Hail
published by Haffenreffer Museum
ISBN 0-912089-00-8
POW WOW - Die magischen Trommeln des Lebens written by V.Krasemann, A.Calf Boss Ribs, N.Tucker
published by Nymphenburger
ISBN 9-783485-007337
Indianerreservate U.S.A. written by APA-Guides
published by RV Reise- und Verkehrsverlag
ISBN 3-575-21425-5
National Geographic Vol. 185, No. 6, June 1994  
P.M. Perspektive - Indianer ISSN 0935-9400