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Many thanks to Ben Marra, Gary Abbott and The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow for letting me use their photographs.

If you wish to trade links, contact me.

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Beadwork - Links

Visit the gallery!! Wonderful handcrafted objects made by Suzan.
List of the different bead kinds and sizes
We are selling PATTERNS - Instructions - Graph Paper, etc.and offering as many FREE items as possible.

Page of Jolie Phillips, a Native American Artist. She does really wonderful beadwork!

Beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian bead work. Mrs. Berry creates bandolier bags, moccasins, belts, sashes and men's garters, in the styles worn by the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole, prior to 1850. Display mounts for bandolier bags are also available.

Wonderful site with a lots of handmade objects for sale

No Easy Beads is a collection of wearable Bead Art.
These designs are created using different shapes and sizes of glass beads of the highest quality.

Lots of patterns and information! Take a look!

Aunt Molly's Bead Street offers you beadwork classes and patterns and many more....

Bracelets, necklaces and more;
own design by Holle Sauerwein.
KQ Designs specializes in unique custom-designed beaded items, Powwow outfits, and Southwest jewelry.

Beautiful beadwork and other handmade objects from a very good friend.

It's worth taking a look!

A lot of beautiful beadwork to look at and to buy.

Beadwork with the touch of the sea...
(also with a few workshops)


Have Fun with NativeTech's Online Interactive Games ...


List of other websites for acquiring beads and a lot of designs.


Suzanne Coopers beading classes.
Very informative!


Pow Wow - Links

All dressed up and nowwhere to go?
Wonderful site with lots of information, a forum, a chat and many more!
Check it out, my screen name is "Selina" :-)

Website of one of the biggest Pow Wows in the US

Website of the Denver March Pow Wow

Useful information about powwows

This KTCA documentary special first aired in early October 1995.

The Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-wow Association (NCIPA), a non-profit organization, was created in the summer of 1992 to provide opportunities for the Northern Colorado communities to share and participate in Native American cultures.

Experience a Wisconsin powwow and learn about one aspect of Native American culture through the New Dawn of Tradition video program and this companion Web site.

We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date powwow information possible to the dancers, drummers, and vendors throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Powwows are a very important part of Native American cultures. Some do not attend these celebrations, but to those that do, it is a big part of their lives.

Site of the Read Earth Pow Wow

The annual Return to Pimiteoui Intertribal Pow Wow honors the Woodland Indian tribes once inhabiting the Illinois River Valley in the land they called Pimiteoui, and welcomes the return of their descendants and all Native American peoples to this area.

Stories from Texas Native Past

The Official WhitefishBay Singers Website

American Indian Arts Market & Carl D. Jackson Memorial

The Austin Powwow and American Indian Heritage Festival is an educational event organized by the Native American Parents' Committee of the Austin Independent School District and Great Promise Inc., a non-profit organization.

Yep, there are also Pow Wows on Hawaii! Check it out!


General Native American - Links

website of the photographer Ben Marra

Noth American Indian Information & Tradecenter

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians

Website with a lot of graphics and background for your homepage

Things will never be same again and that is what the American Indian Movement is about ...

AIROS is an international distributor of Native American programming through the Public Radio Satellite System.

Native American actors, movies. For fans and professionals!!!

Native Recipes

Native Recipes, pt 2

The official website of the Native American Times newspaper.

Informations on a lots of craft-techniques

Website of the traditional pendleton blankets

Lakota language site

Using full-blood Native American models, the painting process starts with a photo-shoot.
Wonderful poems!

A Bi-Monthly Magazine of »« Crafts »« Culture »« Powwows »« History »«

Austrian Lakota Information

Very informative site from a very good friend. History and political backgrounds are shown.

Lakota Rock Band of the Pine Ridge Reservation.
It's worth a look!

another link about Arrowspace
Usueful information about peyote!

Always a lot of exhibitions and events!

Gallery with beautiful art to buy and look at

Native American artist who teaches Lakota


Shopping - Links

Red Fox Trading Post - Native American crafts & herbs
Woodbury, Vermont, USA
(deliveries to european countries possible with credit card payment)

Crazy Crow Trading Post is the largest supplier of Native American Indian and American Mountain Man crafts, craft supplies and craft kits in the world!

Internettrading for glassbeads and accessories for fashion jewelry.
Czech seed beads and other beads, as well as Delica beads from Japan, including a great variety of accessories like clasps, needles and threads.

Coyote's Corner - Trading Post

You can find beads and many other things there. Take a look!

Small hobby website for an avid bead collector who has spent over 30 years collecting beads from around the world.
(shipment of the beads - globally)


Off Topic - Links (just a few)

My other website ;-)
Here you can see the CSI related fanart I make.


Absolutely gorgeous fan-website dedicated to actor David Caruso.

Looking for information about CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI:New York, then you are here at the right place!!

Official Site of Paramount

Star Trek in Sound and Vision

Site of the Vienna-Paintball-Club

Looking for details of movies or actors?

Official Site of Branscombe Richmond
That would be my car!!!
THE country-music site
If you are looking for information regarding James Bond, this is the right place!

Wonderful Site!
A group of people creates "virtual seasons" with the starship Voyager!

Really good stories!

It was a tragedy ...
The Dallas Cowboys!

Free webcounter with useful features.